Factory Monks

About Us

Factory Monks is a trading firm selling tarpaulin and other related all weather protective covering sheets online since last 4 years on Amazon and Flipkart. And within a short period we have become a leading name in the industry. We offer a wide range of high quality industrial waterproofing products. Very recently we have also included toys. Our Range of products include:

Industrial water proof coverings


It all started with an observation that transformed into a great business venture. Mumbai is known for its population and the unpredictable rains. There was a great demand for good quality waterproofing solutions, especially during monsoons, but the supply was limited as there were few manufacturers offering these products online. There was a gap between the demand and the supply. Seizing the day we started our e commerce business. Hence, the birth of Factory Monks. Today we are a leading brand name in water proof covering for products in the country. We plan to sell kitchen and household items and corrugated boxes online soon.